Age discrimination at its finest..


This case, although not specially a work related lawsuit, caught my attention. In 2010, Martin Stoner, a 60 year old violinist, from manhattan lost his job in the New York City Ballet Orchestra. According to Martin Stoner, the loss of his job took a devastating toll on his lively hood so he decided to take a chance by entering a talent competition. The talent competition that he decided to enter, however, was aimed at young artist between the ages of 19 and 26. He then threatened to sue for age discrimination if they didn’t allow him to join  the competition. He was then allowed to join the competition, but failed to make it to the semi finals. He then continued his suit for age discrimination, claiming that the judges past him over because of his age. His suit was later dismissed in court by Judge Robert Paterson, who was 88 years old. Mr. Stoner appealed the dismissal and requested that he be granted a different judge because the previous judge was too old. Unfortunately for Mr. Stoner, He was later assigned the same judge. Should Judge Paterson file a suit for age discrimination?


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