Common employment related lawsuits


As employment lawsuits become more and more common in society today, here a few common issues that employers should look out for. Weather willingly or unwillingly, one of the most common reasons for employment lawsuits is discrimination. Discrimination i defined as treating someone unfairly because of his/her race, age, gender, or religion, among other characteristics. More specifically, employers need to be careful that their hiring practices aren’t discriminative. For example a height or body BMI requirements can be interpreted as discriminative. Employers may not have intent to discriminate. However, this requirement is discriminative to those with races that are prone to be shorter of thicker build. Harassment is another way that employers can cause lawsuits. Much like discrimination, harasment can be attributed to race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. One of the more common forms of harassment is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be verbal, such as requesting sexual favors, physical, such as groping, visual, such as looking down a woman’s braw. Any gender can be harassed and the person harrasing can be of the same sex.  A third, and growing, cause of employment lawsuits are work injuries. Employer’s are required by law in the state of California to have Worker’s compensation insurance to cover medical expenses caused by work related injuries. However the matter can escalate if the employer or insurance company refuse to cover the injury. An employee might file a lawsuit if the injury was caused by direct fault or negligence of the employer. Lastly employers are seeing a rise in the filing of wrongful termination lawsuits. This type of lawsuit can be caused by the previous three examples discrimination, harassment, or work related injury.


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