Disgruntled Alumna

Okay, Here is a story that really grabbed my attention. Its not directly related to employment, but It is relation to unemployment. In 2009 Trina Thompson, of  New York, decided to sue the college she graduated from, Monroe College, because she was unable to find employment. To be more specific, she was suing the college because she claimed that their job placement program was not putting enough effort into getting her a job. She had graduated only three months earlier. Her GPA was not the best, 2.7, but she had excellent attendance while at Monroe College. She was asking for $70,000 for her tuition costs, and $2,000 for the stress she had endured in looking for a job. She further claims that the job placement department at her school gives preferential treatment to those students who have a 4.0 GPA. Although this lawsuit sounds a bit farfetched, I think it reflects the emotions of college graduates all around the country. We’ve been raised to think that going to college will ensure that you will have a successful future. However in todays economy, It has become more and more difficult and competitive for college students to find jobs after college. This law suit arose in the midst of the recent recession, so I can Imagine Trina Thompson’s frustrations. Weather the lawsuit ever went to courts or not, as a college student myself, I can’t help but to praise her just a little bit.



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