Can you put a price on sexual harrasment?

The actions that transpired in this case are almost too crazy to be true. Ashley Alford, of St. Louis, worked at Aaron’s, a rent to own furniture store, in Fairfield Heights Illinois. She was 20 years old when the crimes transpired. Ashley’s manager Richard Moore allegedly slapped Ashley on her forehead with his penis. In another incident Mr. Moore held Ashley down, ripped her blouse open and masturbated on her. Ashley acted smartly by saving the tissues that she used to clean herself after the incident. A DNA test later proved that it was Moore’s semen on the tissues. In another incident, Moore held Ashley’s pony tale while he placed his penis on her face. It almost seems unbelievable to me that this type of behavior can go on in todays society. Specially in a national corporation like Aaron’s and, to top it all off, by a manager. Ashley claims that her attempts to file a com plait with the corporate offices were brushed off by the sexual harassment department. the Illinois court involved granted Ashley 95 million dollars in damages after the verdict ruled in her favor. However due to federal limits on awards. She will receive less that half of that amount, which is still a huge amount. Normally I would be against lawsuits which punish companies harshly for things like this, However, in this case, I really am sickened by what went on and the fact that the company did nothing when Ashley tried to complain. I consider the amount awarded in this case as a lesson to other companies.



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