Captain Coward

The Costa Concordia accident is still pretty fresh on everyones mind. In January 2013, Captain Francesco Schettino navigated the Costa Concordia Cruise Liner too close to the Island of GIglio off of the Italian Coast. Captain Schettino allegedly abandoned the ship before all the passengers had been rescued. He then stayed out on shore with no intent to return to the ship. 32 people died in the accident. The captain claims that he slipped and fell into a lifeboat. The captain is begin charged with man slaughter. However, Captain Schettino has his own lawsuit in the world. He is suing his employer for wrongful termination. My only question is, what does he expect to accomplish with the suit? His reputation as a captain is forever tarnished. Even if he were to get his job back , there is no sane person alive that will buy tickets to a cruisesailed by him. Lastly, out of respect for those who died because of his negligence, he should just accept his fate.



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