Maternity “Leave”


From my experiences in the last few years I have come to realize that maternity leave is frowned upon by Employers. I have included this story not because it is wild or crazy, but because I wanted to open this issue up for discussion. In this case Brandi Cochran was a model for the TV show the price is right. She worked there for seven years until she got pregnant and went on maternity leave. When she tried to return to the show after delivery she was let go by the show. Shew sued the show and the entertainment company and won the suit for a whopping 7.7 million dollars in damages. The Show claimed that they were satisfied with the 5 models that they had left and found that they no longer needed Brandi. I find this ¬†interesting because she had been there for so long. It sounds farfetched to me that after seven years they just decided they didn’t really need her. I think that 7.7 million dollars is going overboard just a bit though. Anyways in my experience I have seen women be fired during their maternity leave. I ask myself how can they get away with that? Also my wife recently had a baby, they baby is now three months old, and she is on extended disability because of back problems caused by the pregnancy and previous car accidents. I witnessed her bosses attitude towards her almost overnight after she started her maternity leave. To this day we worry weather he will fire her at any moment, an we ask ourselves, what can we do? So I guess my opinion on this case is a bit biased because of my recent experience, but I do side with Brandi Cochran on this issue.


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